2SED: New 2 Speed Seamless shift EV Transmission, Patented design concept for EV’s and 4WD hybrids:

“The 2SED is a patented design concept for electric vehicles that allows for enhanced vehicle performance from a given motor / battery output. The simple concept overcomes previous 2 speed EV transmission problems and allows manufacturers to maximise the performance possible from a given EV drivetrain.”

Vocis has designed and built two versions of the 2SED transmission, the first was developed and extensively rig and vehicle tested as a proof of concept programme. The latest version is being produced for a major European OEM as part of an ongoing EV programme which has set the highest expectations of performance and efficiency. Rig testing is already well underway and Vehicle testing commences in Q3 2014.

20090922_2SED_Cutaway Mcd.2


  • Completely seamless shifting capability
  • Up to 10% improvement in range due to more efficient use of battery energy
  • 1st Generation designs were produced in 20 weeks
  • 2nd Generation design is now complete and undergoing testing
  • Vocis Demonstration/Development vehicle used for extensive mechanical and control system testing
  • Simple, patented, design is easily scalable for different application, motor outputs etc.