Based in our brand new facility at the MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton, we are going through a period of growth and therefore have an opportunity for an FC to join at this exciting time.

Who will suit this role?

This is an excellent opportunity for an experienced Finance Manager/Senior Management Accountant. If you enjoy the variety of an all encompassing role and being an integral part of the team with good career prospects this could be a great next step.

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Yamaha has teamed up with Gordon Murray and Zytek to deliver a concept electric vehicle with a difference.

Gordon Murray Design, the British organization with it’s T.25 & T.27 vehicle concepts, has teamed up with Yamaha  Motor Company to create something quite different : The Motiv.e  city car, which makes use of iStream in order to tick a lot of urban mobility needs, says its makers.

Much of Motiv.e’s electric drive has been developed by Zytek, which for this project employed a range of new design approaches to minimize the cost, weight and size of the powertrain, while maximizing important aspects such as performance and range. “Yamaha wanted the vehicle to reflect the company’s reputation fDesign, a British Organization, with it’s T.25 and T.27 vehicle concepts, has teamed up with Yamaha Motor Company to create something quite different : The Motiv.e city car, which makes use of iStream or outstanding engines, “explains Neil Cheeseman, Zytek’s engineering program manager, when asked about the project. “Integrating this into an electric vehicle has driven excellence in performance and driveability, as well as in weight reduction and efficiency, building on the potential of iStream to deliver an agile drivers’ car, as well as maximizing the range.”

The Zytek e-motor, which has been designed to rev to 25,000rpm, is paired with a single speed reduction gearbox from Vocis, while a new-generation electric vehicle control module provides the interface between the powertrain and the rest of the vehicle. Motiv.e’s low-cost power electronics are manufactured in high volumes by Zytek’s partner and now owner, Continental.


Motiv.e City Car

Motiv.e City Car


The full article can be read here:

Source : Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International.


Details On Oerlikon Graziano 4-Speed Electric Drive Transmission

Oerlikon Graziano’s 4 SED (4 Speed Electric Drive) four speed transmission with two motors and no clutch is a trick device, which according to company could increase efficiency by 15%.

This 15% translates to more range or smaller battery pack at the same range.  However, a single-speed transmission is simple, reliable, light and less expensive, so it’s not an easy task for Oerlikon Graziano to convince car manufacturers to choose a 4 speed transmission instead of one for only a 15% gain in efficiency.

A prototype car, a Mercedes Vito minibus, with 4SED will be demonstrated at Cenex LCV 2014 from 10th to 11th September.

To read more on the 4 Speed Electric Drive Transmission, follow the link.

4-Speed Electric Drive Transmission


4 SED (4 Speed Electric Drive)

4 SED (4 Speed Electric Drive)

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The annual Vocis Family Day was held on Saturday 28th June and despite being plagued by poor weather yet again, great fun was had by all.

The event took place in the grounds of the American Barns where our Warwick office is based. There was plenty to keep the children & adults alike amused on the bouncy castle, 2 lane obstacle course and archery. As the day came to a close and soggy children & parents were getting ready to go home a rainbow appeared!