Details On Oerlikon Graziano 4-Speed Electric Drive Transmission

Oerlikon Graziano’s 4 SED (4 Speed Electric Drive) four speed transmission with two motors and no clutch is a trick device, which according to company could increase efficiency by 15%.

This 15% translates to more range or smaller battery pack at the same range.  However, a single-speed transmission is simple, reliable, light and less expensive, so it’s not an easy task for Oerlikon Graziano to convince car manufacturers to choose a 4 speed transmission instead of one for only a 15% gain in efficiency.

A prototype car, a Mercedes Vito minibus, with 4SED will be demonstrated at Cenex LCV 2014 from 10th to 11th September.

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4-Speed Electric Drive Transmission


4 SED (4 Speed Electric Drive)

4 SED (4 Speed Electric Drive)

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