Our Areas of Expertise




Driveline Control software design development & integration.

Vocis can offer complete design, development & integration of driveline control systems for any automated transmission system or active torque distribution axle system.

We have considerable experience in wet and dry Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCT), Automated Manual Transmissions (AMT), planetary auto’s and other innovative transmission layouts and concepts. More than 30 vehicles for seven customers or OEMs are running with a complete Vocis control system including Transmission Control Units (TCU) and software. Vocis is increasingly involved in electric and hybrid vehicle activities and has completed several projects in this field.

Vocis is continually investing in Research and Development (R&D) to ensure it remains at the forefront of transmission controls.

Design & Integration of electrical & hydraulic control systems.

Vocis is frequently involved in the design, development & integration of gear, clutch, park brake and differential clutch actuation systems, both electrical and hydraulic.

We have considerable experience in achieving a sound mechanical system integration to ensure the maximum system functional performance and fewest system compromises.

We offer in-house expertise and additionally work with external specialists and tier 1 suppliers to define and engineer an appropriate solution for customer applications.

Hardware in the Loop (HIL) testing to reduce costs & downtime
Hardware in the loop (HIL) is extensively used during software development to test software function in both an accelerated and risk-free way. Vocis has invested heavily in an ETAS HiL system and has worked to develop extensive in house processes to speed up the entire software development process from initial system requirements capture through to final automated test.
Concept Engineering & Simulation Modelling

We offer initial concept engineering for transmission system layout and simulation modelling.

Concept engineering covers the range from transmission layout and actuation system integration, transmission controller specification definition for third party manufacture, external world wiring interface definition, complete control system simulation and efficiency modelling.

Vocis also has increasing links with various Universities and is collaborating with Surrey University on state of the art simulation and test rig correlation of Electric Vehicle (EV) driveline systems. Vocis can carry out complete programme management of transmission programmes for customers if required and has considerable experience in this area for both software and hardware based programmes.

Confidential & secure office, workshop & test track facilities.
Vocis has a permanent and well equipped office and workshop facility at MIRA in the UK.

Visit: www.mira.co.uk

In addition to all the facilities at our disposal at MIRA, we also have a dedicated transmission spin test rig, prototype transmission build facility and a dedicated cold test chamber. Customer and internal R&D programme vehicles are kept securely at this facility and securely tested on the various tracks at MIRA.

Last Minute Engineering
Vocis has on several occasions been brought in to resolve last minute pre SOP problems for some well known OEMs. This work has covered mechanical, hydraulic and software modification and has enabled the customers to recover with their planned launch activities.
Electric Vehicle Drive Systems
Vocis is actively involved in this growing area of interest with close links to several OEMs and other key European specialist motor and battery suppliers as well as collaborating with several universities. Significant in house and joint Vocis Oerlikon Graziano activities on both single speed, single speed with drive disconnect, 2SED & 4SED seamless shifting Electric Vehicle (EV) transmissions have been undertaken. In addition several hybrid projects have been undertaken including the OG-ECO AMT torque infill AMT hybrid. The 4SED and OG-ECO hybrid are both available as in house development or demonstration vehicle to customers upon request.
Mechanical Engineering & Design
Vocis has already designed and arranged prototype manufacture of a total of 4 separate complete transmission designs. A total of 18 actual units have been covered by these 4 programmes. The typical time frame from project kick off to first unit completion has been under 16 weeks.
Functional Safety
Functional safety is the engineering of electrical and electronic control systems to reduce the risks associated with failures to an acceptable level that have the potential to cause injury or loss of life.

Since the majority of functions in modern vehicles are influenced by electronics and software, the correct implementation of functional safety is paramount to produce products that are safe systems.

With the adoption of ISO 26262, the international standard for functional safety in electrical, electronic and software systems for production vehicles, the automotive supplier community is struggling to resource projects with the high level of independence and experience imposed by the standard.

Additionally many of the current systems being introduced into vehicles contain technologies that have a high potential to harm, these include high voltage, active safety systems and automation.

Vocis is an independent provider of functional safety expertise and has many years of experience within its team, with a particular emphasis on powertrain, transmission control, hybrid and electric vehicles.  Vocis can support with all aspects of the safety lifecycle, including the concept phase and product development for software and electronic hardware.

The experience available covers ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and MISRA.

Vocis expertise is not limited to the automotive domain with recent projects including off-highway vehicles.

Vocis achieved ISO 9001 and TickIT accreditation in early 2009 and have completed a number of projects to the requirement of ISO 26262.