The VDS 24 Datalogger designed for use in both vehicles or test rigs.



  • Designed for use in vehicles or test rigs
  • -30C to 85C ambient temperature
  • 4V-30V supply voltage
  • Enclosure is IP6K6 capable

Analogue input specification

  • Standard input range 0…5V, fully protected
  • Other ranges e.g. 0…10V are also possible

Protected Power SuppliesTechnical Specification VXC

  • 2x200mA protected sensor power outputs
  • Used for powering external sensors, e.g. pressure, position etc.

Signal capture modes

  • 24 analogue input channels at 1kHz sample frequency
  • 4 analogue input channels at 6kHz sample frequency

CAN bus capture mode

  • Allows synchronisation of analogue input channels with CAN data


  • In-house developed windows application to configure hardware and view logged data
  • Data is saved in .mdf file format
  • Post-processing possible with other data analysis tools

VDS 24 Datalogger